The Brevard Family Partnership Youth Advisory Council invites you to consider participating in an exciting new initiative recently launched with the intent to support the ongoing growth, development, and sustainability of the Youth Advisory Council (YAC).

We are currently seeking individuals interested in becoming mentors for youth in foster care.

Why Become a Mentor?

Mentoring can provide a young person with guidance and support through a one to one relationship. A caring adult can help a young person achieve their goals. Studies have found that youth who have received mentoring have increased self-esteem, improved relationships, and better school performance. Mentoring provides you an opportunity to invest in a young person as well as learn about youth in the Brevard County foster care system.

When young people feel supported, have access to resources, and are encouraged to develop their leadership potential, change begins. Through this program we hope to see increased engagement and involvement with the Youth Advisory Council to promote the development and inclusion of youth voice to help shape the system to be responsive to their needs, perspectives, and ideas.

Who are the Youth?

By applying to be a mentor you may be chosen to work with a youth who is age 15 to 22. The Youth Advisory Council is served by young people both currently in foster care and those who have transitioned and are now in the Independent Living Program.

If selected, you would be matched with a young person with whom you would commit to provide support and guidance for a minimum of 1 year.  This includes maintaining a minimum of bi-weekly contact with your mentee. This can be achieved by emailing, texting, skyping and visiting face to face when able. The overall objective is to assist the young adult in developing leadership skills, preparing for the Advisory Council meetings, and providing support to ensure that he or she follows through on commitments and tasks.

How do I Apply?

If you are interested in being considered and are able to make the commitments listed above, please complete application below and return to Ashley Carraro, Director of Clinical Services, via email at, or by fax to (321) 752-3165.

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The deadline to submit your application is March 19, 2015.  

As you consider this opportunity, think about someone who has been a mentor in your life. What positive qualities did that person possess? How did they positively impact your life? Imagine the impact you could have for a young person who may not have those positive influences in their life.

By choosing to become a mentor, you can help a young person discover and realize their dreams.

If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact Ashley Carraro at (321) 752-4650 extension 3022 or via e-mail at