Adoptive Family

We all know that children are special, but adopted children are chosen!

Adoption is permanence for a child; it means the child has a ‘forever’ family who will be there for them through the good times and the challenges. 

The decision to adopt is one that should never be made in haste or based solely on emotion. Becoming a parent through adoption is time consuming, but it’s worth the effort.

The process of adoption makes the chosen child a legal member of the adoptive family with all the rights and privileges of a biological child.

Give a child the love and security that he or she truly deserves, and make your house a home to an extraordinary child!

About Adoption


Adoption is permanence for a child who has been permanently removed from his or her home and resides in foster, relative, or kinship care.

We work in partnership with our case management agencies to ensure the timeliest adoption for the children in our care. There are many factors that impact the permanent placement of children and can include: the age of the child, whether they are part of a sibling group, and their gender, as well as medical, emotional, and developmental needs.

If you are interested in providing a “forever home” for a child in the foster care system, call us at (321) 752-4650, or visit these pages. Here, you will find many of the children available for adoption; however, it does not include all of the children available in Brevard County or in the State of Florida.

Who can adopt a child?


People of all ages, races, and beliefs are eligible to become adoptive parents. There is no marital, educational, or financial prerequisite that must be met for consideration.

Some Things to Consider When Deciding To Adopt a Child

  • Why do I want to adopt a child?
  • Can I provide a stable home for a child?
  • Am I ready to open my heart to another’s needs?
  • Is this child just a substitute for a lost child, or a person in his/her own right?
  • Am I willing to go through the paperwork and various other requirements to have a child?
  • How will I handle friends’ and family’s questions and comments about adoption?
  • Can I love this child as my own?
  • How will I deal with my child’s questions about his or her birth parents?
  • When will I tell my child about adoption?
  • Can I afford to take another person into my family?

Traits of Successful Adoptive Families

  • A true acceptance of the child’s differences.
  • The ability to measure success in small steps.
  • A firm belief in commitment.

Frequently Asked Questions about Adoptions

If you are interested in finding out more about becoming an adoptive parent or family, you can contact us in writing or by phone via the information below. Please note that it may take 5-7 business days to receive a response from the adoptions team regarding your inquiry.

Erika Watts
Community Adoption Liaison
(321) 634-6047 ext. 2014


Prospective Adoptive Parent Information Form

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Child adoptions facilitated by Brevard Family Partnership

Each year, Brevard Family Partnership helps bring together children and families who begin a new life, together. To date, we’ve found “forever homes” for over 1,000 children!

FY 2006: 98 – Goal 89
FY 2007: 89 – Goal 81
FY 2008: 76 – Goal 71
FY 2009: 71 – Goal 63
FY 2010: 76 – Goal 54
FY 2011: 59 – Goal 48
FY 2012: 71 – Goal 60
FY 2013: 60 – Goal 60
FY 2014: 75 – Goal 72
FY 2015: 76 – Goal 75
FY 2016: 70 – Goal 67
FY 2017: 94 – Goal 67