Human Resources

The following policies and procedures regard the operation of Human Resources.

HR2201 – Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action

HR2202 – Americans With Disabilities

HR2204 – Job Descriptions and Selection Criteria

HR2205 – Recruitment and Selection

HR2206 – Interview and Hiring Process

HR2207 – Employment References

HR2208 – Education, Licensing, and Credentialing

HR2209 – Background Screenings

HR2211 – Driving and Related Requirements

HR2214 – Nepotism

HR2216 – Personnel Records

HR2217 – Human Resources Planning

HR2218 – Workforce Analysis

HR2219 – Volunteers-Direct Service

HR2220 – Legal and Fair Employment Practices

HR2221 – Volunteers and Student Interns

HR2222 – Training Requirements for New Hires or Existing Staff Who Transfer/Promote

HR2223 – Staff Volunteers 

HR2301 – Employee Code of Conduct

HR2302 – BFP Dress Code Guidelines

HR2303 – Anti Harassment

HR2305 – Telephone and Voicemail

HR2315 – Employee Exit Interviews

HR2316 – Severance Policy

HR2416 – Access to Personnel Records

HR2417 – HIPAA Awareness

HR2418 – Intellectual Property and Confidential Information

HR2501 – Total Compensation and Benefits

HR2502 – Employee Conflict of Interest

HR2505 – Performance Evaluations

HR2507 – Legal Compliance

HR2508 – Overtime Policy

HR2601 – Paid Time Off

HR2605 – Educational Milestones

HR2611 – Insurance Protections

HR2612 – Workers Compensation Insurance

HR2801 – Open Communication

HR2802 – Employee Recognition Program

HR2803 – Satisfaction and Retention Goals and Actions

HR2805 – Employee Grievance Policy

HR2806 – Administrative Leave

HR2807 – Conflict of Interest: Foster Home Licensure, Adoption, and Relative/Non-Relative Placement for BFP FOA Employees

HR2808 – Employee Safety Procedure

HR2809 – Telecommuting for Staff

HR2810 – Pet Policy

HR2811- Job Abandonment Procedure

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