Extended Foster Care

extended foster care

Brevard Family Partnership strives to help our youth transition smoothly into adulthood.

Following legislation to improve the opportunities for success for youth in foster care, youth turning 18 years of age may continue to remain in extended foster care until the age of 21. As long as the youth is making progress toward an agreed upon plan, whether that is to continue their education, obtain a job, or participate in a program designed to give them job skills, the youth are welcome to stay in foster care beyond their 18th birthday.


To remain in foster care after 18, a youth:

  1. Must have lived in licensed foster care on his or her 18th birthday; and
  2. Be doing one of the following activities:
    1. Attending high school or working on GED; or
    2. Enrolled in college or vocational education program; or
    3. Employed at least 80 hours per month; or
    4. Participating in a program designed to promote or eliminate barriers to employment.; or
    5. Have a diagnosed and documented disability that would prevent the young adult from participating; and
  3. Agreed to the following things:
    1. Lead transition planning meetings which are designed to help map out his or her goals for the future along with steps to accomplishing those goals; and
    2. Live in a supervised living arrangement; and
    3. Meet with a caseworker every month; and
    4. Continue to participate in at least one of the activities listed above.

Sometimes our youth will leave this system of support after they turn 18. Any youth who qualified for extended foster care when they were 18, can return until they are 21 or in the case of a youth with a disability, eligibility ends when the youth reaches 22.

For more information on Due Process and Fair Hearing for Young Adults formerly in foster care, view the following links:

To determine your eligibility for EFC, please call 321-752-4650 ext. 3025 or ext. 3028. To submit a request for EFC, complete the form below. For additional questions, email Intake and Placement at intake@brevardfp.org.

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