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Alexis (14) is a quiet girl who is in need of a forever family. Alexis has dark hair and brown eyes.  She is average in height and weight for her age. Alexis enjoys listening to music, visiting with her sister, likes to be busy, and also enjoys playing video games and engaging in outside activities. …
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Casey (16) is a sweet young lady who loves animals.  She looks forward to finding her forever family and wants to ensure that her pet hedgehog can come with her and join the family as well.  Casey is gentle and kind, and while she says she thinks about attending college in the future, she isn’t…
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Wilfredo (13) is a young boy who loves pizza and his favorite things are Pokémon, Kirby, playing video games, playing with legos, and reading. He doesn’t like scary stuff and doesn’t like heights, so there are some roller coasters he will not ride.  Wilfredo expresses his desire to find his forever family and wants the…
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Zach (17) is a kind, mature, quiet young man. He loves sports and has been involved in football and track. He takes a while to open up to people, but once he does he shines like a star. >Heart Gallery


Jasmine (15) is an adventurous spirit who is fun to be around and who loves exploring new places. She loves animals and enjoys doing puzzles, camping, being outdoors, and having time to relax and lounge around. Jasmine is vocal in what she wants and would benefit from a family who would embrace her spirit with…
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Adam (14) is described as fun to be around and introverted. He loves animals, playing video games with his friends online, skateboarding, bowling, and some outdoor activities. Adam would benefit from adoptive parents who are patient and who could see through Adam’s tough exterior while guiding him to make good decisions in life. >Heart Gallery


Destanie (15) is an excited, exuberant young lady. She is full of energy and loves to be in the middle of the action. She loves art in just about any form, but especially coloring. She often talks about wanting to be part of a family. When she grows up, she wants to be a dog…
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Sebesteyen (15) is a handsome Caucasian male child. He enjoys electronics, collectible toys, playing ball, and video games. Sebesteyen would do well in a home where he is the only child or where there are older siblings. He is knowledgeable about cars, construction, and animals. >Heart Gallery


Dontrell (16) is a handsome African American male child. He has aspirations of becoming a professional athlete or a pediatric nurse. He currently wishes to find employment. He enjoys playing basketball. >Heart Gallery


Camilia (13) is a very sweet young lady who is very creative. She is not much of an outdoorsy girl but loves drawing cartoons, painting, and playing video games. She aspires to have a career in digital art one day. >Heart Gallery


Tristyn (15) has a great sense of humor and is a ball of energy. She is a little too slow to warm up but once she does, becomes outgoing and talkative. Tristyn likes to be helpful and feel included. Her favorite past times include helping to cook in the kitchen, swimming, and playing with dolls.…
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Jennifer is a loving, sweet, bubbly youth. Her inquisitive nature and desire to understand the world means that there is never a dull moment. Jennifer loves animals and can often be found helping with their care. She is a skilled mapmaker and can navigate nearly anywhere from memory. More than anything, Jennifer wants to be…
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