Foster Care


On any given day in Florida, there are approximately 10,000 children in foster care. In Brevard County alone, there are around 250 children who have been removed from their families due to abuse, neglect, or abandonment and are currently living in foster homes.

Children in our community need a safe, loving, temporary place to call home while their family situation is stabilized. Brevard Family Partnership manages foster care services for youth who have been removed from their homes. We need more individuals who are willing to open up their hearts and homes to a child in foster care.

The children represent all races and ethnicities and range in age from birth to 17. Their personalities are as different as the grains of sand on the beach and each as beautiful! While most of these children will return home to their parents, some will be adopted by a forever family.

You can be the difference in a child’s life!

If you are interested in learning more about how you can help a child in our community, please call Brevard Family Partnership at 321-752-4650 Ext. 3031 or email

Protecting children and strengthening families is the responsibility of every member of the community. While not everyone can be a foster parent, we can all contribute in some way to help a child or family in need. Click here to learn other ways that you can help!

How to Become a Foster Parent

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You can be the difference in a child’s life. Foster a Future.