Adoption FAQs

Below are frequently asked questions that we receive about child adoptions and becoming an adoptive parent.

What is Adoption?

Adoption is a legal action that gives all parental rights to adoptive parents, making the adopted child a legal member of the new family with all the rights and privileges of a biological child.

Who Can Adopt?

Most adults who can provide a stable, loving home to a child can adopt. Married couples, single people, working mothers, parents who already have children, people who live in apartments, and people of any religious faith, race, and education level will be considered. Many of our most successful adoptive parents are older or have modest incomes. As long as you can provide a loving, nurturing, and safe environment where a child can have a ‘forever home’, you may adopt. Children need loving and patient parents, not necessarily wealthy ones.

How Do I Find Out About The Children Available For Adoption?

To view pictures and learn more about each of our children available for adoption, go to the “Children for Adoption” section of our website. Children of all races, ethnicities, and age groups, as well as sibling groups may be looking for their ‘forever home’.

Many teens also want a loving family and some fear that, without parents, they will be unsupported and alone. Family ties don’t end at 18.

What Does It Cost To Adopt?

Brevard Family Partnership does not charge to place foster children in adoptive homes and we even pay for MAPP classes, the home study and background checks. The main costs for a foster care adoption are court costs and attorney fees. Brevard Family Partnership will cover up to $1,000 of these costs.

How Long Does It Take To Adopt?

The answer varies. The process to become an approved adoptive parent includes: attending a preparation course of ten weeks; obtaining local, state and federal background checks; a current physical exam (if needed); and completion of a home-study. The process can usually be completed in eight months.

When a child is matched with your family, pre-placement activities will occur, including visits and regular communications with the child. Placement of the child will occur as soon as the child is comfortable. The child’s counselor will supervise the placement for a minimum of 90 days. When the supervision period is completed, a hearing will be scheduled for legalization of the adoption!

Will I Get Historical Information On The Child I Adopt?

You will be given the child’s foster care history, including: the circumstances involving his or her removal; the child’s medical history, including the birth and delivery information; any assessments or psychological evaluations completed; and the child’s current daily habits and preferences. Non-identifying social and medical information about the biological parents and birth family will also be provided.

What Kind Of Post-Adoption Support Is Available?

Brevard Family Partnership provides after-adoption support in the form of follow-up counseling, a monthly stipend, and child-specific support, as needed. For children with special needs, additional financial assistance may be available to help meet their expenses. In addition, children adopted out of foster care are eligible for Medicaid until the age of 18.

Are college tuitions paid for adopted children?

Yes. Children adopted through Brevard Family Partnership are eligible to receive college tuition exemption at Florida universities, colleges and vocational training programs until the student reaches the age of 28.