Dear Friends,

On Friday November 18th, I had the privilege to attend Brevard County’s 10th Mass Adoption Celebration. With standing room only, thirteen children and their long awaited families were united at this momentous occasion. Words cannot express the joy of observing the children and families as they formalized their union after months, and in some cases years, of waiting for this day to arrive.

The Mass Adoption Day event takes place annually in November to commemorate and raise awareness of adoption and the need for more families to consider adoption as an option. The event is always a highlight of the year, when our community is privileged to witness the children and youth who found permanency in loving homes with their forever family, come together to finalize the adoption.

When a child in foster care is placed with their adoptive family, it allows them an opportunity to overcome a challenging period in their life, with hope for the future. Adoption enables children to experience life with the security of a loving family in which to belong. It also completes and makes whole families who have opened their hearts and homes to provide a safe and loving environment for children to thrive.

When a child or sibling group is placed with their “forever family”, they are afforded the opportunity to heal, bond and find purpose and meaning in life and to receive the love and support we all need in order to thrive and reach our potential.

In Brevard, 64 children are currently available for adoption; 32 have identified placements and 32 are still in need of a family, a place to call home and belong.

Since 2005, Brevard Family Partnership, teamed with our adoption partner IMPOWER, has facilitated 855 adoptions in Brevard County. There is no greater reward for the work we do than to see the joy on the faces of these children and their new families on the day of their adoption.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming an adoptive parent and making a lasting difference in the life of a child or youth please visit