• Mar 10, 2023, Viera Voice

Brevard Family Partnership, which works to protect children, is set to recognize partners and families with a gala March 25 at the Hilton Rialto in Melbourne.

The mission of Brevard Family Partnership is simple: To protect children, strengthen families and change lives with the prevention of child abuse. It does that through comprehensive, community-based initiatives for the care of abused, abandoned and neglected children within the foster care system.

Since 2005, the BFP, a nonprofit government funded organization, has been working with the Florida Department of Children and Families and partnering with other agencies and business leaders to facilitate foster care, adoption and the prevention of child abuse.

“The measure of health in any community is a direct reflection on the health of our children,” said Phil Scarpelli, the president and CEO of BFP. “Our commitment has been to reduce and mitigate the risks children and families face with fostering and ultimately adoption”.

Sean Kostelnik, the owner of Wood River Studio and the BFP foundation chair, loves his philanthropic involvement and the impact he can make on a child’s life.

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