Mark and Sharon Groover have been foster parents for 10 years. When their three biological daughters were little, Sharon was blessed to beGrooverfamily able to stay at home with them. It was then that they thought it would be nice to be able to provide a safe and loving home for other children in need. To the Groovers, the most rewarding aspect of being a foster parent is making a difference; helping a child grow and become stronger and more confident; and working as part of a team to strengthen biological families and helping to build new families through adoption when necessary.

Though a times it is challenging, especially trying to understand the dependency process and court system, as a family the Groover’s reflect fondly on the many memories and children that have come through their lives over the years. Each of the Groovers children has a separate story they remember during their time as a foster family that is most meaningful to them.

Sharon stated, “We have been lucky to have remained in contact with many of the children and families that have come through our home.  It has been a wonderful experience for our entire family.  How many people truly get to make a difference?  There are always frustrations and hard times, but the personal rewards far outweigh them.”

The best advice the Groover’s have to offer other’s who are thinking about becoming foster parents is to be patient. The initial licensing process can seem long and overwhelming, but it only happens one time, and it’s worth it!