BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA – Forty years ago, the Space Coast community joined in sorrow over the discovery of several graves of murdered children. The youngsters had all been runaways. All had been murdered.

Judge Clarence Johnson and Dr. Robert E. Lehton, two of the founders of Crosswinds, in front of the new shelter. (Image for Space Coast Medicine & Active Living)

“There was a great outcry to help runaways,” said Jan Lokay, president and CEO of Crosswinds Youth Services. “There were no services at the time for them.”

It was clear that an emergency shelter was needed to protect runaway and homeless youth, and the community – guided by leaders such as Judge Clarence Johnson and psychologist Dr. Robert Lehton – united to create Crosswinds’ first program, a crisis shelter for youth, now known as the Robert E. Lehton Children’s Shelter.

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