MELBOURNE, FL – February 21, 2011 – 300 social service professionals, from 37 states and Alberta, Canada gathered in Cocoa Beach, February 15 to 18, to share the latest information and advancements in the field of Wraparound, the family-centered, strength-based community model of abuse prevention and diversion.  The event was presented by Brevard Family Partnership, Brevard CARES, and the National Wraparound Initiative.

The three-day event included workshops, keynote addresses, and panel discussions featuring nationally recognized innovators and leaders in the field Wraparound who covered topics that included the various roles of staff  in enhancing the Wraparound and Family Team Conference processes and enhancing natural supports that lead to better results for youth and families.  Attendees also learned how they can implement and manage a successful Wraparound program in a community using the Brevard CARES model, which was developed by Brevard Family Partnership.

“This was an incredible opportunity to bring together the experts in Wraparound and the practitioners in the field who use this model every day,” said Brevard Family Partnership’s CEO, Dr. Patricia Nellius. “We’re so pleased that there is such interest in this innovative and proven approach to abuse prevention and family safety and stability.  We all came to together to learn how to strengthen families; whatever it takes.”

Featured speakers included: Eric Bruns, Ph.D., Co-founder, National Wraparound Initiative and Associate Professor, University of Washington School of Medicine, Division of Public Behavioral Health and Justice Policy;Gary DeCarolis, president, Center for Community Leadership; John Franz, president, Paper Boat Consulting; Kay Hodges, Ph.D., professor, Psychology Department, Eastern Michigan University; Andrew Schneider-Muñoz, Ed. D., CYC-P,  Innovation Consultant to Brevard Family Partnership and Associate Professor at the University of Pittsburgh; Dan Naylor, president, White Pine Consulting; Dr. Patricia Nellius, CEO, Brevard Family Partnership;Trina Osher, president, Huff Osher Consulting, Inc.; and Janet S. Walker, Ph.D., Research Associate Professor, Regional Research Institute, Portland State University.
The presenting organizations plan to host the next national Wraparound conference in early 2013. For more information, including copies of the workshops, presentations, and keynote addresses, as well as photos from the event, visit