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Become a Mentor

The Brevard Family Partnership Youth Advisory Council invites you to consider participating in an exciting new initiative recently launched with the intent to support the ongoing growth, development, and sustainability of the Youth Advisory Council (YAC).

We are seeking individuals interested in becoming mentors for youth in foster care.  If you are interested in being considered for this exciting opportunity, click here to learn more and download the application form.

Introduction and Overview

In October of 2012 Brevard Family Partnership began the development of a system transformation project which entailed establishing a framework for the incorporation of trauma informed care (TIC) across the community of practice. The goal of this transformation initiative is to develop and foster broad community awareness and knowledge regarding the impact of trauma on children and families; and upon those who serve and care for them.

The framework of this initiative holds that positive youth development is the outcome of a trauma informed community of practice. Therefore to improve the quality of life for youth in, and aging out of foster care, the local child welfare system of care and its partners need to develop an understanding of the empirical evidence supporting TIC and the proven strategies to mitigate risk and prevent re-traumatization.

BFP is committed to becoming a TIC system. To that end it is our goal to design and provide education, training and technical assistance to agencies that serve children, youth and families who have experienced trauma.  Over the next 24-36 months will be working to design and launch training opportunities and foster awareness to build better understanding, application and integration of trauma informed care and positive youth development practices.

Trauma Informed Care/Positive Youth Development Summit I  – July 2013  

Brevard Youth Thrive Steering Committee Members

  • Carrie Thomas, Adoption Center
  • Lauren Brill, Brevard Family Partnership
  • Bill Bucher, Brevard Family Partnership
  • Fran Carlson, Brevard Family Partnership
  • Ashley Carraro, Brevard Family Partnership
  • Ada Dieguez, Brevard Family Partnership
  • Jeanine Doyle, Brevard Family Partnership
  • Brooke Goldfarb, Brevard Family Partnership Board Member
  • Lynn Hendren, Brevard Family Partnership
  • Stephanie Johnson, Brevard Family Partnership
  • Tracy Little, Brevard Family Partnership
  • Monica Martin, Brevard Family Partnership
  • Tracie May, Brevard Family Partnership
  • Patricia Nellius, Brevard Family Partnership
  • Mark Peterson, Brevard Family Partnership Board Member
  • Tom Shipley, Brevard Family Partnership
  • Judy Wood, Brevard Family Partnership
  • Heather Howlett, Brevard C.A.R.E.S.
  • Jessica Miles, Brevard C.A.R.E.S.
  • Kathryn Parker, Brevard C.A.R.E.S.
  • Phebe Powell, Brevard C.A.R.E.S.
  • Michelle Bayer, Brevard Public Schools
  • Paula Ferrell, Brevard Public Schools
  • Adrea McDonough, Brevard Public Schools
  • Beth Mills, Brevard Public Schools
  • Misty Marot, Community Representative
  • Tammy Bousquet, Crosswinds
  • Karen Locke, Crosswinds
  • Cindy McGill, Daycare Provider
  • Cheryl Christie, DCF
  • Katie Gumeple, DCF
  • Traci Klinkbell, DCF
  • Denise Devlin, DJJ
  • Kim Kanarick, Family Counseling Center
  • Carolyn Hattaway, Foster Parent
  • Shelley Mckenzie, Foster Parent
  • Nancy Neiman, Foster Parent
  • Marie Fraiser, GAL
  • Julie Grace, GAL
  • Carol Jewel, GAL
  • Wanda Arocho, IMPOWER
  • Amanda Dawson, IMPOWER
  • Paulette Holland, IMPOWER
  • Christina Nordone, IMPOWER
  • Gina Russell, IMPOWER
  • Jennifer Dossett, Life Advancement Group
  • Roy Lavanture, Palm Bay Law Enforcement
  • Mark Richard, Palm Bay Law Enforcement
  • Lauren Littleman, Youth Advisor
  • Amber Deatherage, Youth Advisor
  • Trent Miller, Youth Advisor
  • Shenelle Robertson, C.A.R.E.S. Youth Advisor
  • Shania Lemon, Youth Advisor

Phases of Development a Trauma-Informed and Positive Youth Driven System of Care

Phase I: Year 1: 2013

  • Establish a cross-system committee of champions to lead, guide and direct the initiative
  • Conduct a community scan and assessment
  • Engage key community leaders
  • Secure technical assistance and consultation from national leadership and successful former foster youth
  • Identify youth and young adults to serve on a Youth Advisory Board
  • Devise a mission, vision and brand to market the transformation to identified stakeholders and audiences.
  • Convene community-wide summits to introduce the framework and conduct an assessment of need and recommendations. These will feature two large kick-off conversations: the first with youth who are in or who have aged out of foster care and the second with key community leaders and stakeholders. The Keynote speakers and facilitators are successful young adults who have experienced trauma and were in the foster care system as children and/or youth.

Phase II: Year 2: 2014

  • Establish and execute an awareness campaign

    Youth Advisory Council members discuss ideas and find solutions to real challenges they face.

    Youth Advisory Council members discuss ideas and find solutions to real challenges they face.

  • Design and launch a web portal to serve as an information clearinghouse
  • Facilitate “knowledge exchange” opportunities
  • Identify and develop curriculum
  • Launch introductory training sessions across identified sectors

Phase III: Year 3: 2015

  • Develop a manual of the model for replication
  • Establish annual training itinerary to provide continuous professional development opportunities
  • Increase public engagement through multiple media platforms

It is the mission of BFP through its TIC/PYD initiative to:

  • Transform the local system of care into a trauma informed community of practice
  • To achieve positive youth development as an outcome of being trauma informed in our approach to care
  • To lessen the impact of trauma upon children and youth entering the BFP system of care
  • To promote resilience, sustainability and the health and well-being of children and youth entrusted to our care
  • To impart hope and instill motivation for successful living and the achievement of life dreams
  • To establish critical, meaningful and positive lasting connections for youth aging out of foster care

Brevard Youth Thrive Goals and Accomplishments 

  • October 2012 BFP developed a system transformation project which entailed establishing a framework for the incorporation of trauma informed care (TIC) across the community of practice.
  • May 2013 established a cross-system committee of champions to lead, guide and direct the initiative
  • June 19, 2013 convened Youth and Young Adult Café with two former foster youth and over 25 young people in and out of foster care
  • June 20, 2013 convened community wide TIC Summit with over 120 community members in attendance
  • September 12, 2013 BFP was selected as a community action project by Leadership of Brevard

    Youth brainstorm during a BYT Advisory Council meeting.

    Youth brainstorm during a BYT Advisory Council meeting.

  • Brevard was selected by the Center for the Study of Social Policy to become a pilot Youth Thrive site.
  • Created the “What Youth Want Adults to Know” Card
  • Created TIC-PYD Brochure
  • 2 Youth Advisory Council Informational Meetings convened with over 20 youth in attendance
  • 7 Youth Advisory Council meetings have occurred
  • 24 TIC/Brevard Youth Thrive Steering Committee meetings have been held
  • 3 IL youth have formally joined the Youth Advisory Council
  • Brevard Youth Thrive Youth Advisory Council has partnered with Florida Eastern State College has been approved as a Service Learning partner which will allow for students to receive credit towards with the YAC
  • 5 Trauma Informed Care Trainings have been conducted with Brevard County Early Learning Coalition Staff, Local Daycare Providers, Brevard County Schools. and Head Start Staff
  • 2 IL Youth attended the Center For Study of Social Policy Youth Thrive Convening and represented Brevard Family Partnership
  • A former IL Youth is now a member of the BFP Board of Directors
  • Brevard Youth Thrive YAC is currently working with Career Source Brevard to explore opportunities with Nex Gen
  • Brevard Youth Thrive Steering Committee has identified and developed 2 results that will be the goals of the committee’s efforts and activities including the development of subcommittees
  • Presentation of YAC to DCF IL State Director
  • Presentation of YAC to Pete Digre, DCF Deputy SecretaryChildrenincare-wantyoutoknow



Brevard Youth Thrive works in partnership with the Center for the Study of Social Policy as a pilot site of this program.