IMG_3797The Center For Study of Social Policy (CSSP) recently introduced their Training for Trainers Youth Thrive™: Protective and Promotive Factors for Healthy Development and Well-being curriculum to a cross sector of twenty professionals from community partners, providers and BFP staff.  Lead by nationally recognized trainers, Frank Eckles, Executive Director Texas Youth and Child Care Worker Association  and Jean Carpenter-Wiliams, Director of Training Development National Resource Center for Youth Services, participants learned about the protective and promotive factors identified in the Center’s framework.

Youth Thrive which was launched in 2011, examines how foster youth can be supported in ways that advance healthy development and well-being and reduce the impact of negative life experiences. Over the course of three days attendees learned about the latest information on adolescent development, cognitive and social-emotional competence, the importance of social connections and concrete supports in times of need.  Through a series of discussion, experiential activities and self-reflection exercises participants got a true understanding of the importance of youth thrive.

Participants were quoted as describing the training as “epic” and “life changing” about how they will work with youth in the future.  One attendee summed up the experience with the recognition that as a system of care we should must recognize that surviving in care is not thriving in care!