Dear Friends,

In the U.S. there are more than 100,000 children and youth involved in the foster care system who are waiting for permanent families. Each year, November is recognized as National Adoption Awareness month, and BFP focuses on raising awareness of the ongoing need to connect children and youth who are available for adotion.

November is always the highlight of the year at BFP, as we celebrate adoption and the children in our care who have found their forever homes and families. Since inception through our partnership with the Impower Adoption Team, over 700 of Brevard’s children have been adopted by loving parents, members of our community who have opened their hearts and homes to complete their family. These are amazing people who inspire me daily.

Each year when we recognize National Adoption Awareness Month I like to set aside time to celebrate the lives that have been changed through adoption and consider what it means to a child and their new family to come together to build a home and future together.

Today I was reading the Washington Post and came across an inspiring yet sad article about a Maryland family who adopted 4 children and received harsh criticism when their daughter was featured in the American Girl magazine.

The story was disheartening to me as a child advocate because these parents have not only opened their hearts and homes to embrace their children and to pave a way for a future of hope and happiness, but one of the parents also started a charity called Comfort Cases, which provides backpacks filled with pajamas, toothbrushes, blankets, stuffed animals and other items for foster kids. The group has gone from providing about 300 kits in 2013 to donating 7,000 to kids in the District, Maryland and Virginia foster care systems last year. These parents like many of the 700 in our community are unsung heroes, sacrificing to make the lives of vulnerable children better.

The children in our care who are available for adoption need a safe place to heal and call home; and those in our community, state and country who are called to open their hearts and homes to a child in need are special and unique individuals worthy of praise. While we set aside the month of November to recognize them and raise awareness they deserve our support and gratitude every day. On behalf of Brevard Family Partnership and our Board of Directors we thank you. Because of you lives have been changed.


Patricia Nellius