Josiah is described as a very loving child who is thoughtful and kind. He is definitely a ‘people pleaser’ and tries hard to please others. He doesn’t have a shy bone in his body. He will talk to anyone and makes friends easily. Josiah LOVES Spiderman and wears Spiderman clothes, shoes, hats, gloves, and masks. He has lot of Spiderman toys and loves to ‘web’ people. Josiah likes playing on his tablet, going to the park, riding his scooter, singing, and taking baths. He is a good eater, and his favorite is macaroni and cheese, but does have some texture issues.

Aiden is described as a very friendly child who is not shy at all. Aiden loves to play on his tablet, with his favorite program being Khan academy Kids. He also likes to play with his trucks and cars and has his own battery powered car that he loves to drive around. Aiden is a big help at home when it comes to doing laundry. He does not like, however, being told no or having to stand in the corner when he is in trouble. Aiden loves to eat and eats each meal as if it is his last, so he needs to be monitored to ensure he does not choke or make himself sick.

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