Reagan_BigGuyGrandparents Raising Grandchildren of Brevard County, FL was established in 1994 by Mary Ann Sterling, a grandmother with a vision to improve conditions for relative care families and the community who care for them.

The mission of GRG of Brevard is to provide advocacy, support, and referral to relative care families throughout Brevard County. Our vision is that one day all children will live in a safe loving home with relatives that will help them to develop into their full potential. Living in a place you can call home and knowing that someone will always be there for you is something everyone needs, especially children.

Currently there are over 8,500 children living in relative care families in Brevard County. Everyday GRG of Brevard receives a call for help from a family in crisis.

The Child First Program was developed to enhance the well-being of relative caregivers and their families living in Brevard County. The goal is to ensure permanent placement with relatives in lieu of foster care; address special needs of children being raised by relative caregivers; advocate for caregivers and raise awareness of their needs as well as their contribution.

The program aims to take families from hopelessness to self-sufficiency. Built on a platform of individual and family advocacy; enhanced by wrap-around services that address a variety of critical needs. The overall goal of the program is self-sufficiency for the relative caregiver; inspiring the children to continue to progress, overcome and prosper, to lay the foundation for the child’s belief that they can have a safe productive future.

Children being raised in relative care families are safer and protected from abuse and neglect. The program provides a safety-net of services that include emergency infant supplies, food, clothing, children’s activities, parenting classes, legal assistance, counseling and local and state resources to ease the transition for both the child and grandparents. Support group meetings are held weekly in 5 locations throughout the county.12-grandparent-infograph-full

These services are key in determining whether the caregiver and the child(ren) successfully make this transition.

GRG of Brevard has stood the test of time. We are so very proud of the work that our volunteers do to provide advocacy and support in this county. We are privileged to have a staff with the skills to provide professional quality counseling and community services and to produce pertinent resource materials that benefit families and community well-being. GRG of Brevard is one of the oldest and largest relative caregiver support groups in the State of Florida, we

On Sunday, September 9th as you celebrate Grandparent’s Day with your loved ones; please remember those that are less fortunate in our community.

Additional Info:

Support Groups:

  • Second Tuesday Morning – North Brevard 10:00am Titusville Senior Solutions, 805 Century Medical Dr. Building B, Titusville
  • Second Thursday Morning – South Brevard 10:00am, Club Esteem, 33165 S. Monroe St. Melbourne
  • Third Tuesday Morning – Central Brevard 9:30am, GRG of Brevard Office, 123 Barton Blvd. Rockledge
  • Third Wednesday Evening – South Brevard 6:00pm, Memaw’s Restaurant S Babcock Rd., Palm Bay
  • Last Thursday Morning – Central Brevard Beachside 9:30 am, Memaw’s Restaurant, 600 E. Eau Gallie Blvd., Indian Harbour Beach

Monthly newsletter:

  • GRG of Brevard issues a monthly newsletter detailing upcoming meetings and events, parenting guidance and children’s activities. In an effort to “go green” and cut cost we are also providing the newsletter on our website and via email. As part of community outreach we have started a Facebook page with an area for discussion.

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren to receive $5K grant from Brevard Family Partnership

Brevard Family Partnership is pleased to announce that it will award a $5,000 grant to Grandparents Raising Grandchildren for the purpose of providing legal assistance in family court. The grant will assist grandparents and relatives in establishing custody outside of the dependency system.  Grandparents Raising Grandchildren of Brevard County, Florida, led by Mary Ann Sterling, has been a strong advocate for grandparents and relatives providing care for their family’s children. The organization’s continuum of services includes local support groups, statewide advocacy, and limited legal representation.