Mazzella2“We are blessed to have joined the Brevard Family Partnership Foster Care Family! We wanted our son Joseph to be a big brother to others. He has Autism and is a “gentle giant with a big heart!” Our daughter is finishing her degree at the Florida Institute of Technology this year and will be pursuing medical school. We wanted to provide a safe environment for children and have been foster parents to a 3 sibling group for 7 months.

We remember Thanksgiving fondly. The kids were amazed at how much food was prepared for this event. So when Christmas came around they were excited about their presents and about the holiday meal. You can see that they liked experiencing the special holidays just like we did. They shared their excitement with anyone that would listen to them!

MazellaOne of the most rewarding aspects of being foster parents is when we went on vacation with them and did family activities together! You could see pure excitement in their faces! My advice for anyone becoming a foster parent would be to continue having an open mind, be creative, consistent, experience family activities together, and try to teach daily life lessons. We may only have them for a brief time so it is important for us to be positive role models in their lives.

We are very thankful for the Brevard Family Partnership staff that has taken the time to get to know us and continue to provide a welcoming atmosphere to our foster families!”

  • Joe and Rose Mazzella