IMG_5362How long have you been foster parents?

My husband and I were licensed mid October of 2014 and received our first placement October 23rd.

What made you decide to become foster parents?

We decided to become foster parents to help children in need. To care for those that are in need of love and attention while their parents and family get on track.

What is the most rewarding aspect of being a foster parent?

The most rewarding aspect of being a foster parent is knowing that these children are being taken care of. Knowing that we are doing our best to help them and their families.

What has been your biggest challenge since becoming a foster parent?

So far our biggest challenge has been adapting to the children’s different personalities. We went from taking care of our only child to taking care of 4 children in total. You have to learn how to make them feel comfortable in your home and in your presence. Once that happens…all the pieces come together. The children is what makes this so exciting and worthwhile.
What is your fondest story or best experience related to being a foster parent?

My best experience so far as a foster parent has been when I received an emergency placement for a 7 yr old girl. She was so quiet and polite. I was completely amazed at what a great child she was. I got the pleasure of getting to know her mother and helping them with their situation. Her mother was so thankful for what we were doing for them. I truly felt useful doing what I’m doing. I not only felt accomplished by making the child feel welcome in our home, but also know that I eased her mother’s worries. She knew her daughter was being taken care of.
What advice do you have for those who are thinking about becoming foster parents?

The advice that I have for those that are thinking about becoming foster parents is that you must truly love children to do this. You have to be able to give it your all. You must be open minded and understand that all children and families are different. That you will find yourself in difficult situations, but that in the end you’re doing what is best for the child. You have to put your whole heart into loving and nurturing these children.