Anthony AdoptionSandy and Rubin Brock have been foster parents for the past 18 years.  They were originally traditional foster parents, but decided 8 years ago to dedicate their home to working with Brevard’s most medically fragile children. They have fostered numerous children in Brevard and have loved every moment of working in the child welfare system.

Sandy grew up in a church community that had foster parents as members of the church.  As a little girl, she understood what they did to help other children. Because of that experience, she knew she would be a foster parent one day. After Sandy and Rubin were married, they decided they would move forward with fostering children. Eighteen years later, they still feel that it is the right choice for their family.

The Brock’s feel it is their duty to give back to the community and that fostering helps them achieve this goal.  When a child can safely be reunified with their parents, the Brock’s feel a sense of pride in knowing they helped to prepare that child’s parents to achieve this milestone.  The use of social media has helped them remain in contact and be a support to families they’ve worked with. Sandy and Rubin especially love the Christmas cards and updated photos of children received from families they have mentored!

The Brocks hear the phrase “we could never do what you do” often, but feel that is not the case. Most everyone they know and respect would make wonderful foster parents. They feel the best advice they can give to someone contemplating becoming a foster parent is to “Go ahead and take the first step!”  They have found that fostering has made their family stronger and has given their children a heart to serve others.