PollocksMichael and Toni Pollock have been foster parents for nearly 15 years, since witnessing the struggles of their neighbor who was a single mother of three children. The Pollocks saw how hard the mother worked to make ends meet and would often watch the children while she was at work. When the children got older they told the Pollocks, “We have no idea what we would have done without you”. It made them realize how important it is for children to have consistent, positive role models in their life.

Michael and Toni Pollock feel the most rewarding aspect of being foster parents is watching the children grow up, finish college, get married, have children of their own and live a productive life, just as one would hope for their own.

For the Pollocks, one of the biggest challenges is when the children have to go back and forth from their parents’ homes to foster homes, as this can be very hard on the children.

One of the best experiences was when their foster daughter became class president and valedictorian during her senior year of high school. She went on to graduate from college. “This child’s life experiences were horrible, the worst we had seen in all the years we’ve been foster parents,” Toni said. “She started out as a challenge but not giving up on her paid off.  She has been able to put the past behind her and move forward.  She doesn’t use her past as an excuse not to do well.” The Pollock’s remain unbelievably proud of her.