photoBecky Armstrong has been a foster parent with Devereux for 5 years.

Ms. Armstrong has always had a love for being around children and decided to become a foster parent out of this love for kids.  Becky has one biological child of her own but also raised a niece and step-sons.

Becky explains that she has many things that are her favorite part of providing foster care but there are two aspects that she is partial to in doing this work.  She states all the hard work is worth it when she sees children successfully reunified with their parents.  She also enjoys working with a youth who ages out of the system. She enjoys helping the youth find their own place, seeing them take college classes, working, doing a great job and gaining independence!

Becky’s biggest challenges have been adjusting to each child’s temperament and individuality. It makes it difficult because EVERYONE in the home has to learn to adjust to this and each other. This is also a challenge when a child leaves to be reunified because the other children in the home are losing a friend and sibling.

Becky stated she has so many fond memories of being a foster parent; one is when her first two sisters were reunified with their mother. They told her they know what a family should be like when they left Becky’s home. They still call and let her know they are doing fine and all is ok.

“Just try it!” is the advice Becky would give to someone thinking about becoming a foster parent. “Be prepared for some good times (and some bad). Keep an open mind and heart. Remember there is a reason God puts people (children) in your life.”