Brevard County, FL – Another troubling result of the pandemic is its impact on families. Experts say more children are ending up in temporary homes.

The trend in Brevard County is alarming. “I thought there was no way I’d be chosen as a foster mom because I am a single parent,” Valeria Jones said.

Jones is a single mother of two teenagers and a foster mother to two children, ages 10 months and 9 years old. Jones also works full-time. “So you take out the word foster, and what you are is you are a parent, right? At the end of the day you treat all your kids the same and when they walk through the door they become my children,” Jones said.

Jones has been a foster parent for about five years with Brevard Family Partnership of Melbourne. She said she did have a concern about fostering during a pandemic. “COVID is a concern and in my head, I have said no, but when they call I always say yes. The kids need us and whether they have COVID, the cold or the flu, they still need a good home and so I continue to say yes,” Jones said.

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