MELBOURNE, FL – December 18, 2018 – Today, the Brevard County Board of County Commissioners issued a proclamation acknowledging its continued support of Brevard Family Partnership as the lead child welfare agency in Brevard County and endorsing the System of Care model it employs, which has served the children and families of Brevard County for more than 13 years.  In its proclamation, the Board noted that Community Based Care, as managed by Brevard Family Partnership, has not only proven to be effective in the County, but that the model should remain the chosen System of Care in Brevard as it serves the best interests of the children and families of the County.

Thanking the Board for their recognition, Phil Scarpelli, CEO of Brevard Family Partnership, promised the Board and the Brevard County community that the organization would continue to “…do everything possible, not just for those that are the most vulnerable, but to all children and families to help support a structure and resource base that will help all families be strong, safe, and resilient.”

Since its inception, Brevard Family Partnership, with the help of its partners, providers, and community supporters has reduced the number of children in the formal child welfare dependency system by more than 50%.

Today, the Board of County Commissioners reacknowledged the work of case managers, local providers, stakeholders and community partners of Brevard Family Partnership who “…have gone above and beyond to serve the children and families of Brevard County…”  Through the agency’s efforts,more than 1,000 children have become members of “Forever Families” through public adoption. 

The Commissioners also recognized Brevard C.A.R.E.S., the child abuse prevention arm of Brevard Family Partnership’s Family of Agencies, as an “…aggressive front-end prevention and diversion program…” that has enabled the families of more than 24,000 Brevard County children to remain together in their homes while ensuring that the children remain safe and free from abuse.

About Brevard Family Partnership

Established in 2004 by a Legislative mandate to privatize foster care and related services in Florida (Section409.1617, Florida Statutes), Brevard Family Partnership is Brevard County’s lead child welfare agency. Working in partnership with over 70 community organizations, its mission is to protect children, strengthen families and change lives through the prevention of child abuse and the operation and management of a comprehensive, integrated, community-based system of care for abused, abandoned and neglected children, and their families.

Since it began operations in 2005, Brevard Family Partnership has consistently ranked among the top performing CBCs in the state of Florida, ranking among the top three agencies over the course of the past five years in visits to children and families, timely reunification, and exceeding the federal measures for placement stability. Since the advent of Brevard Family Partnership, and the implementation of family-centered case practice, using the wraparound process, Brevard County’s child safety has increased by nearly 50%. 

BFP has touched over 35,000 children’s lives and operates a full continuum of nationally recognized, exemplary child welfare services with a Family of Agencies that includes the nationally recognized Evidence Based Practice program Brevard C.A.R.E.S., the National Center for Innovation and Excellence, and our newest enterprise, Family Allies, Inc.