The Fergusons

Bonnie and Ray Ferguson became foster parents in 2004 and have fostered over 30 kids in the past 17 years.  When asked why they foster, their response is simple, “that’s just part of who we are.” They have always loved kids and wanted to help build stronger families.  The Fergusons became specially trained to care for medically complex children when a child they fostered and later adopted was diagnosed with a rare neurological disorder.

For the Fergusons, small joyful moments stand out in their minds to help them get through challenging days – receiving a text from a former foster daughter just to say, “I love you,” opening a Mother’s Day card from a reunified parent, cheering on the first steps of a child who was never supposed to walk, holding a mom’s hand while waiting for results at a doctor’s appointment.  Those moments mean the world to a family that is willing to give their all for all the children entering their home.

They are also thankful for the impact that fostering has had on their own children. They laugh at the memory of an April Fool’s Day when they texted their teenage son telling him he would need to relocate to a different room (again) because they had accepted a placement of triplets, and he responded simply, “I can do that.” He was a bit relieved to find that it was a joke, but he was willing!

Mrs. Ferguson is an active member of Brevard Family Partnership’s Foster Parent Advisory Board and also leads foster parent support groups.  A testament to their family’s commitment to children, their daughter, and son-in-law also recently became foster parents in Brevard.