Dr. Patricia Nellius-Guthrie, CEO of Brevard Family Partnership and a recognized national expert in the field of child welfare and the Wraparound abuse prevention model will present The Art of Wraparound in the Child Welfare Environment on Tuesday, January 25, at 3:00 p.m. EST.

The presentation will provide technical assistance to individuals and organizations that want to improve their abuse prevention and diversion outcomes using this unique model of care.

The National Wraparound Initiative (NWI) is teaming up with the Technical Assistance Partnership to present a series of web-based trainings and technical assistance sessions about high-quality wraparound implementation, and the organizational and system supports that facilitate it. Presentations from national experts and NWI advisors will last one hour and be followed by 30 minutes of open discussion.

Dr. Nellius-Guthrie will be joined by Hellen Howe, Program Manager II, Orange County Children & Family Services, Multi-Agency Family Partnership (MFP) Program.

The presentation will include an overview of how to balance wraparound systems of care and traditional child welfare practice. Topics covered will include:
Understanding cultures that affect the system
♦Some key factors/strategies for communicating and collaborating with stakeholders
♦Ways to develop clear roles, definitions and expectations for wraparound team members and community partners

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