Children in Search of a Forever Home – 13-17 Years

Each of these wonderful teens is in search of a “Forever Home” with a family that will love and nuture them as they grow.  Yes, teens want to be part of a family, too!  They are preparing for life as adults and need your love, guidance and assurance during these formative years.  If you are interested in learning more about becoming a “Forever Family” and opening your home and heart to our teenage children, click on the “Adoption FAQs” or “How to Adopt” buttons to your left.

If you are interested in learning more about a teen or teens on this page, CLICK HERE to contact our Adoption Recruiter. You can also meet children in other age groups and sibling groups by clicking the links below.

Children 5 Years and Under

Children 6-12 Years Old

Sibling Groups

Erik_Angel_Gray_sm2 Erik, 14
Of all the adjectives used to describe Erik, the most common is “sweet.” He’s a young man with a heart of gold and an uncanny empathy for others. Even though he’s a bit introverted at first, it doesn’t take him too long to really open up to you, and then you’re in for a treat! Erik’s a fun and incredibly smart kid, and he lights up with curiosity at every new experience. He loves to read and play video games, but his favorite thing to do is go fishing. He flourishes under attention and encouragement, and he’s looking forward to being part of family that loves him (and that has a pet!)Erik will do very well in a nurturing and supportive two-parent home. He’s a great kid with a lot of potential–all he needs is the right mixture of love and guidance to see him through.

image054(1) (Custom)Shawnquaniece, 15
Shawnquaneice is an active teenager who enjoys music, singing and spending time with friends. Shawnquaneice is very smart and does well in school. She is a talented artist and loves to draw and create things. Her personality reflects someone who is a hard worker and likes to take the leadership role and be the center of attention. Shawnquaneice needs a forever family that can provide her the attention, love and the stability she deserves.

D_AndreD’Andre, 15
D’Andre is a sensitive young man who deserves a forever family. D’Andre enjoys playing basketball, playing video games, and listening to music. He’s in need of a family who can provide him with a stable, loving home and the structure to become a successful young man.



Taylor-smforweb2 Taylor “TJ”, 15
Taylor “TJ” is a 15 year old quiet and shy teenage boy. He is slow to warm up to people, but over time he slowly opens up. TJ enjoys playing video games and his favorite sport is baseball. TJ would do best with a family who with either has no other children or children older than him.




DeanDean, 15
Dean is a handsome young man. He has large blue eyes, light brown hair, and is of average height and weight. He has a fair complexion and freckles sprinkled all over his face. Dean likes to be the center of attention and enjoys hearing positive praise from adults. He enjoys skateboarding, riding his bike, fishing, and just being outdoors. He also likes watching sports, especially professional wrestling and NASCAR.