The following policies and procedures regard the Operations of our agency.

OP1001- Adoption Review Committee
OP1002 – Adoption Subsidy Submissions
OP1003 – Child Adolescent Functional Assessment Scale (CAFAS)
OP1004 – Comprehensive Behavioral Health Assessments
OP1007 – Internal Staff Process for All Foster Care Referrals and Institutional Staffing’s
OP1008 – Initial Annual Clothing Allowance
Op1009 – Centralized Intake Procedure
OP1010 – Use of Respite Funds
OP1015.12 – Releasing Abuse and Neglect Records or Information
OP1016 – Avoiding Unnecessary Placement Through the Use of Substitute Funds
OP1019 – Administrative Fines and Penalties for False Reports of Abuse
OP1022 – Diligent Search
OP1026 – Confidentiality of Case Records
OP1033 – Out of County Services
OP1036 – Reports and Services Involving Indian Children
OP1037 – Sharing Records with Children
OP1038 – Reunification
OP1039 – Change of Custody
OP1042 – Case Chronological Documentation
OP1043 – Courtesy Supervision
OP1044 – Services to Refugee and Entrant Unaccompanied Minors
OP1048 – Transfer of Cases Within and Between Districts
OP1050 – Visitation and Other Contact with Children in Shelter
OP1050.19 – Security Incident Reporting and Tracking
OP1052 – Relicensing of Foster Care Homes by CPA
OP1054 – Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children
OP1055 – Priority Placement Under the ICPC
OP1058 – Pre-Service (PRIDE) Training, Initial Licensing and Re-Licensing of Family Foster Homes
OP1059 – Master Trust for Benefit of CBCB Program Clients
OP1060 – State Institutional Claims for Damages
OP1061 – Exit Interviews with Children in Shelter or Foster Care
OP1062 – Expediting Permanency for Abandoned Infants
OP1064 – Family Over Capacity
OP1067 – Finalized Adoption Cases and Automated System Client Identifiers
OP1070 – Funeral Arrangements for Children in Foster Care
OP1071 – Title IV-E and Adoption Subsidy
OP1072 – New Children with Families in Active Investigations or Past TPR
OP1079 – Relative Caregiver Program
OP1083 – Identification of Children
OP1085 – Prevention, Reporting, Services to Missing Children
OP1086 – Dependency Court Intervention in Cases of Abuse or Neglect by Non-custodial Parents
OP1089 – Filing of Petition for Release of Abuse Records to Public
OP1094 – Criminal History and Delinquency Check for Investigations, Placement and Emergency Placement
OP1096 – Coordination of Services – Youth in Care of CBCB and Served by DJJ
OP1097 – Interstate Compact on Adoption and Medical Assistance (ICAMA)
OP1098 – Pre-consent Review for Psychotropic Medications – Children birth to age 5
OP1099 – Computer Systems Access Request
OP1100 – Systems Management Security
OP1106 – Response to Subpoenas for Children and Families Records
OP1107 – Fingerprinting
OP1108 – Court House Drug Screening
OP1110 – Auxiliary Aids Plan for Persons with Disabilities or Limited English Proficiency (LEP)
OP1111 – Multi-Disciplinary Team (Clinical Review)
OP1112 – Complaints, Grievances, Disputes, Appeals
OP1114 – Safeguarding Confidential Electronic Data Transmission
OP1115 – Critical Incident Reporting Family Foster Homes
OP1116 – Placement Stability Plan
OP1119 – Child and Family Records Management
OP1120 – Client Rights and Responsibilities
OP1121 – Client Handbook Distribution
OP1122 – Request for Public Records
OP1123 – Mandatory Reporting Requirements to the OIG
OP1124 – Compliance with Multi-Ethnic Placement Act (MEPA)
OP1125 – Client Complaints, Grievances & Appeals
OP1128 – Care Center Service Coordination FTC Procedure
OP1129 – Care Center In-home Support Services
OP1130 – Medical and Therapeutic Foster Care Placement
OP1141 – Utilization Management System
OP1142 – Eligibility Determinations and Verification
OP1143 – Appeals and Complaint Process for Network Services
OP1144 – Critical Incident Reporting and Analysis System (IRAS)
OP1145 – HIPAA Procedure
OP1151 – Standing Team Conferences
OP1154 – Clinical Review Discharge Planning
OP1155 – Suitability Assessment Referral Process
OP1158 – On Call Procedure and Protocol
OP1159 – Secondary Dissemination of Criminal History Information
OP1161 – Use of SAMH Funds
OP1167 – Child Health Interperiodic Check-ups
OP1168 – Fraud and Abuse Compliance Plan
OP1169 – Health Risk Assessment & Primary Care Physician Selection
OP1170 – Polypharmacy Review Process
OP1171 – Psychotropic Medication Management
OP1172 – STFC Capacity Waivers
OP1173 – Communications and Approved Messaging Related to Integrated Health
OP1177 – Medicaid Eligibility and Health Plan Enrollment
OP1178 – Network Referral and Credentialing Assistance
OP1179 – Quality of Care Notifications
OP1180 – Transition and Discharge Planning for Emancipating Youth
OP1181 – Internal Review of Serious Incidents including a serious injury, threat of harm, or death
OP1183 – Medical Staffing Coordination
OP1184 – Developing and Initiating the Visitation Plan
OP1185 – Medical Necessity and Prior Authorization
OP1186 – Hotline Foster Homes
OP1187 – Mobile Response Team Crisis Stabilization
OP1188 – Licensing Request for Assistance Process
OP1189 – Response to the Human Trafficking of Children
OP1191 – Family Assessment and Case Planning
OP1192 – Youth Entering Into Extended Foster Care (EFC)
OP1193 – Concerns in Licensed Foster Homes
OP1194 – Foster Care Communication
OP1195 – Foster Care Discipline and Behavior Management
OP1196 – Foster Home Recruitment and Retention
OP1198 – Relative Non Relative Caregiver Information Regarding Benefits
OP1199 – Child Placement Agreements
OP1201 – Services for Children with Mental Health and Any Co-Occuring Substance Abuse or Developmentally Disability Treatment Needs In Out of Home Care Placements
OP1202 – Florida’s Child Welfare Practice Model
OP1203 – Develop and Manage Safety Plans
OP1204 – Leadership Team Member Terms
OP1205 – CBC Lead Agency Performance and Contract Compliance Monitoring
OP1206 – Acceptance of Eligible Children and Families for Case Management
OP1207 – Requirements for Response and Contact with Families
OP1208 – Standards for Care Manager Supervision
OP1209 – Case Supervision
OP1210 – Background Screening and Sanctions
OP1211 – Care Coordination of Behavioral Health Services
OP1212 – CBC Lead Agency Performance Measurement