It is the mission of BFP through its Trauma Informed Care/Positive Youth Development initiative to transform the local system of care into a trauma informed community of practice.

Trauma Informed Care

Trauma-informed care is an evidenced-based approach and a paradigm shift from one that asks, “What’s wrong with you?” to one that asks, “What has happened to you?

A trauma-informed approach refers to how a program, agency, organization, or community thinks about and responds to those who have experienced or may be at risk for experiencing trauma; it refers to a change in the organizational culture. In this approach, all components of the organization incorporate a thorough understanding of the prevalence and impact of trauma, the role that trauma plays, and the complex and varied paths in which people recover and heal from trauma. A trauma-informed approach is designed to avoid re-traumatizing those who seek assistance, to focus on “safety first” and a commitment to “do no harm,” and to facilitate participation and meaningful involvement of consumers and families, and trauma survivors in the planning of services and programs.


Brevard THRIVE

youth thrive

In October of 2012, Brevard Family Partnership began the development of a system transformation project which entailed establishing a framework for the incorporation of trauma informed care (TIC) across the community of practice. The goal of this transformation initiative is to develop and foster broad community awareness and knowledge regarding the impact of trauma on children and families; and upon those who serve and care for them.