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Jeremiah, Elsie, and Jovalyn

Sibling Set of 3

Jeremiah is a 14-year-old male that has recently found an interest in weight lifting at the gym with his friends. Due to previous injuries, Jeremiah cannot play contact sports but enjoys casually shooting hoops and riding his bike. His overall demeanor is mellow, and he doesn’t mind spending time at home drawing. Jeremiah can articulate his educational goals for the future and is diligent about taking the steps to achieve them. Jeremiah has been given a lot of responsibility throughout his life as the oldest child and he hopes to have an age-appropriate role with his adoptive family.

Elsie is an adorable 3-year-old child. She’s a social little girl and can befriend just about anyone! She enjoys watching shows on her tablet, spending time with her siblings, and playing in the pool. Elsie is extremely active, so staying still or remaining is a challenge for her. She prefers to have an outlet for her energy, such as playing outside with her toys and swimming in the pool. When Elsie relaxes, she enjoys playing on her tablet and being around her siblings.

Jovalyn is a sweet 11-year-old and has had a tough year but has not let that diminish her joyous smile! Jovalyn is diligent in her school work and takes pride in doing well. She loves to do crafts that allow her to express her creativity and is open to exploring different interests. She is eager to try new things as long as she has time to rest and regenerate her energy. Jovalyn expressed the importance of the relationship with her siblings and wants to ensure they are adopted together.

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