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Richard (12) is a typical boy. He must be told a few times before he actually cleans his room; however, once he is motivated to do it, the room is immaculate. Richard has his moments, like any other child. He employs coping skills in situations that frustrate or anger him. Richard has never become violent or uncontrollable. Richard does have ADHD, which is managed by medication.

He loves to read and loves the outdoors. Fishing and bike riding are some of his favorite outdoor hobbies. Manners are second nature to him. Richard has stated that he would like to be a police officer when he grows up.

Food is another favorite pastime of Richards. He loves pasta, nachos, and pizza. He also loves pancakes from Golden Corral. While Richard is an average child, he seems above average to those who get to know him. He captures your heart very quickly. He is a child that people simply gravitate towards. He looks forward to finding his forever family and would like to be the only or youngest child in the family.

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