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Katie (16) is a typical girl who likes to giggle with her girlfriends and turns red when “that boy” comes around. She likes to play music and is extremely family-oriented. Katie often takes on a very caring role and will help anyone in any way that she can. She does well in school, although it can be a struggle at times. Math is her favorite subject, and English is her least favorite. Katie is on her high school track team and likes to throw the shot put. Katie has a soft spot for animals and you will often find her gravitating toward a dog or cat if there is one around.

Katie enjoys going to church and would very much like an adoptive family that does the same. She loves to cook and bake. Katie genuinely loves spending time with people who she cares about. Whether it’s watching a movie, going for a bike ride, or going for a swim, Katie will rarely turn down a chance to spend quality time with family. Katie has huge aspirations. She dreams of joining the Navy. Katie would also one day like to be a midwife. As Katie is growing up, she is beginning to make decisions that impact her future. One of those decisions refers to her name. Katie has recently decided that she prefers to be called Kate.

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