Quality Parenting Initative

QPI logoThe Quality Parenting Initiative (QPI) was developed to ensure that every child removed from their home due to abandonment, abuse or neglect is cared for by a foster family who provides skilled, nurturing parenting while helping the child maintain connections with their family.

QPI recognizes that the traditional foster care “brand” may not be perceived positively and could deter some families from considering this important role in our community (e.g., “Foster parents are only in it for the money.” – which, by the way is completely erroneous). Though we have caring, dedicated foster parents in our system, our goal is ensure that all have the training, knowledge and skills, and understand the expectations required to be a quality foster parent.

QPI is an effort to rebrand foster care, not simply by changing a logo or an advertisement, but by changing the core elements underlying the brand. When these changes are accomplished, QPI sites are better able to develop communication materials and to design recruitment training and retention systems for foster parents. The key elements of the QPI process are:

•To define the expectations of caregivers;
•To clearly articulate these expectations; and then
•To align the system so that those goals can become a reality.

QPI Resources:

QPI Documents (Resources for foster parents/caregivers, CBC/Agency staff, and everyone else)

Just In Time Training  (View foster parent training library, request an online training, earn re-licensure training credit, and more!)