The following policies and procedures regard the Governance of our agency.

GOV001 – Ethics
GOV002 – Conflict of Interest
GOV003 – Auxiliary Board
GOV004 – Succession Plan
GOV005 – Board Donations
GOV006 – Board Recruitment
GOV007 – CEO Appraisal Process
GOV008 – External Communication
GOV009 – Board Member Role
GOV010 – Board Self-Assessment & Strategic Planning
GOV011 – Governance Model
GOV012 – Human Subject Research Policy
GOV012A – Human Subject Research Procedure
GOV013 – Nepotism
GOV014 – Sunshine Compliance
GOV015 – Moral Character & Background Screening
GOV016 – Long-Term and Short Term Strategic Planning Process
GOV017 – Environmental Conservation
GOV018 – Crisis and Media Communication
GOV019 – Election of Officers
GOV201 – Signatory Authority
GOV202 – Internal Controls
GOV203 – Risk Management
GOV204 – Investment Management
GOV205 – Fundraising Management
GOV206 – Bank Accounts
GOV207 – Budget
GOV208 – Accounting Practices
GOV209- Settlement Authority
GOV210- Behavior Support and Management
GOV211 – Separate Legal Entities
Risk Management Tools