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Halloween Safety Tips

For young children, Halloween night is one of the best of the year. According to the latest U.S. Census data, there are about 41 million potential trick-or-treaters between the ages of 5 and 14. That’s a lot of kids out on the streets partaking in the holiday festivities; and where children go, safety concerns follow.  […]

Quarterly Training Calendar

Brevard Family Partnership continually offers progressive, educational programs to ensure that our staff members, providers, and partners receive training on relevant topics that will advance their foundations of knowledge. Some of the upcoming training opportunities offered by BFP include:Non-Abusive Psychological and Physical Intervention (NAPPI) Non-Abusive Psychological Physical Intervention (NAPPI) Training is being rolled out as a […]

September E-News: Message from the CEO

Children have an innate need and desire to be loved, nurtured and protected. When there is a lack of parental protective capacity and present vulnerabilities that result in a child failing to experience the love, nurturing and connection they need to thrive, they may experience a deep void that can adversely impact healthy child development. […]

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

On Sunday, September 11th, families across America celebrated Grandparents Day. Here in Brevard, over 8,500 children are currently being raised by relative caregivers, including local grandparents. Grandparents Raising Grandchildren (GRG) of Brevard is a local organization that strives to provide a stable home in order to ensure permanent placement with relatives in lieu of foster care. The […]

August E-News: Message from the CEO

Summer is nearing conclusion and Brevard’s children have now returned to school. For many, this is an exciting time to reconnect with friends, meet their new teachers and to learn and grow. For others, however, returning to school may not be such a positive experience. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, anxiety […]

Back to School Stressors

This article, written by Phebe Powell, Executive Director of Brevard C.A.R.E.S., will provide helpful advice on helping your child cope with back to school stressors. Heading back to school is exciting for some and overwhelming for others. Family stress can mount up with thoughts of school supplies, getting the ‘right’ clothes, avoiding unhealthy snacks and planning around […]

July E-News: Message from the CEO

July is National “Make a Difference for Children Month”. Many of us look back on the adults that made a difference in our life; those who challenged and inspired us and those who were there to support us through the more challenging times; teachers, family members, coaches, clergy, neighbors, family friends, etc. There is no […]

Back to School Donations Needed

Brevard Family Partnership has a total of 200 school-aged children in foster care who are in need of school supplies.  You can help give local foster children the confidence they need to succeed in school by donating school supplies. It’s a great way to give back to your community. For most kids, the start of […]

National Make a Difference for Children Month

In honor of National Make a Difference for Children month, we would like to recognize those among us who go above and beyond each and every day to make a meaningful difference in the lives of Brevard’s children. We have highlighted a few of the many outstanding child advocates in our community who tirelessly invest in our children […]

June E-News: Message from the CEO

Summer is a time when children and families have the opportunity to spend quality time together. It is a busy time for parents and caregivers to keep their children and teenagers active and involved in prosocial activities. Summer also poses an increased risk for Florida’s children in many ways. Florida contains more than 30,000 lakes […]