6 to 12 Years

Isabella (6)

Isabella is an active and strong-willed little girl.  She enjoys watching cartoons, playing with her dolls, and playing on her tablet.  She likes playing games such as Tic Tac Toe, Uno, and video games.  Isabella’s favorite foods are pizza, hamburgers, hot dogs, and burritos.  Isabella enjoys school and says she likes to learn new things.  […]

Ava (9)

Ava is a friendly and sweet little girl.    She is very active, likes doing cartwheels, and would like to be able to enroll in a gymnastics class.  Ava also enjoys playing with Barbies, her dolls, and playing games on her computer and tablet.  Ava’s favorite food is pizza and her favorite places to go are […]

Tyrone (10)

Tyrone is shy when you first meet him but once he warms up, he loves to talk. He loves to ride his bike and his scooter, and build with Lego’s. Tyrone’s favorite foot is hot wings. Tyrone is one of a sibling group of seven and he has a twin brother, Tyrel. Tyrone and Tyrel […]

Tyrel (10)

Tyrel is a friendly child who enjoys going outside to play. He is also very creative and loves to draw. Tyrel would do best with a forever family who has a strong male father figure and, if there are other children in the home, they should be older. Tyrel tends to be more a follower […]

Tyeisha (8)

Tyeisha is a beautiful little girl who has never met a stranger. She enjoys talking to people and loves to be the center of attention. Tyeisha loves anything to do with princesses and her favorite is Ariel. Tyeisha has six brothers whom she is very close to. Tyeisha craves a mother/daughter bond and would do […]

Jeremiah (11)

Jeremiah is a loving and affectionate child who can be very charming. He likes riding his bike, playing video games, and playing with his Lego’s. Jeremiah would do best in a very structured home that has the skill set to handle Jeremiah when he has his outbursts. Jeremiah has a strong attachment to his six […]

Devonte (6)

Devonte is a very sweet and active child who enjoys being outside. He is also very smart and likes reading to an adult. Although he can be silly and rambunctious as times, Devonte is a great kid who brings joy to everyone he meets.   Contact Us For More Information