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Three things to watch for in our ‘A’-rated school district

Three things to watch for in our ‘A’-rated school district By Dr. Desmond Blackburn Welcome back, teachers, students and families. You are what makes Brevard Public Schools so special – and why our district earned an ‘A’ grade from the state this year. I’m glad you’re here. In addition to new lessons and standards in […]

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August E-News: Message from the CEO

As summer comes to a close, and children are returning to school, I trust this newsletter greets you having had a memorable summer with your children, family, and friends.  Now it’s time to gear back up for the 2017-18 school year. As you prepare for your children to return to school and the structure and […]

Brevard Family Partnership Exceeds Goal for Child Adoptions

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Brevard Family Partnership Exceeds Goal for Child Adoptions MELBOURNE, FL – August 16, 2017 Brevard Family Partnership (BFP) has exceeded the goal for child adoptions finalized for fiscal year 2016-2017.  BFP works in conjunction with IMPOWER, who provides overlay adoption case management services to achieve permanency for children who have been permanently […]

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Tyrese (14)

Tyrese is a handsome young man who is in need of a forever family. He is very active and enjoys singing, wrestling, socializing with friends and television. Tyrese is an outgoing child who thrives when he is kept busy with various activities. He would benefit from a family who has the time and patience to […]

Isabella (6)

Isabella is an active and strong-willed little girl.  She enjoys watching cartoons, playing with her dolls, and playing on her tablet.  She likes playing games such as Tic Tac Toe, Uno, and video games.  Isabella’s favorite foods are pizza, hamburgers, hot dogs, and burritos.  Isabella enjoys school and says she likes to learn new things.  […]

Ava (9)

Ava is a friendly and sweet little girl.    She is very active, likes doing cartwheels, and would like to be able to enroll in a gymnastics class.  Ava also enjoys playing with Barbies, her dolls, and playing games on her computer and tablet.  Ava’s favorite food is pizza and her favorite places to go are […]

Isaac (13)

Isaac is an active and social teenager who enjoys drawing, playing Minecraft, Pokemon cards, and reading graphic novels.   He is athletic and would love to be able to enroll in several different sports.  Isaac responds very well to positive adult male influences and desires a family that has both a mom and a dad. Contact […]

Sara (15)

Sara presents as a soft-spoken and shy girl but is very friendly and social.  She is a typical teenager and enjoys going shopping, playing computer games, and going to the beach.  Her favorite foods are pizza and lasagna but she does not like eggs. Sara likes animals and her favorite kind is a cat because […]

July E-News: Message from the CEO

Thank you for making a difference in the lives of over 30,000 of Brevard’s children and families involved in the child welfare System of Care over the past decade. Together we have touched and transformed many lives. When I think of a community that truly cares for its own, I am proud to say Brevard […]