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Rose is a precocious and engaging child who knows what she likes and what she does not. She loves to run and jump and sing. Rose loves the Disney Princesses and all that is pink and purple. She is has enjoyed acting classes, martial arts and cheerleading, and she is looking forward to finding a ballet class. She enjoys playing make believe with dolls, when she can direct or be the star! My Little pony figures are her current favorite to create storylines for. Rose loves to read and journal, paint and draw. She does not like homework, and struggles with Math, however with encouragement she has pulled her grades up substantially from last year, and is quite a clever child. Rose is a great helper in the kitchen and around the house. She enjoys all animals, kittens in particular, and is helpful in the maintenance and care of the family pets. Rose would do best in a semi structured environment with a family that can nurture her independence while providing a family for safety and support in her future growth.